Ensures quality and progress

KAEFER Energy has long and extensive experience within surface protection and carries out all types of surface protection projects in the energy industry. KAEFER Energy holds expertise, methods and equipment within the surface protection discipline which ensure specified quality and thus contributes to an extended life of the customer’s facilities.

Promoter for sustainable solutions

As a promoter of sustainable products and technology, we use robots to perform blast cleaning for increased efficiency in the delivery, in addition to providing safer and cleaner working conditions.


Corrosion prevention

One of the industry's largest challenges is corrosion and values corrode every year as a consequence of deficient or wrong corrosion protection. KAEFER Energy assists in ensuring the best possible corrosion protection with a focus on costs and quality. Good corrosion protection depends of correct choice of pre-treatment, protective product and follow-up of quality. Our workforce consists of personnel with professional certificates, FROSIO and experience within passive fire protection. KAEFER Energy has a large equipment pool which covers all needs within surface protection.

    Blast cleaning (dry blasting), vacuum blasting, dry ice blasting, mechanical, sponge, slurry blasting, blasting with a robot, Ultra-High Pressure water jetting (UHP), Ultra-High Pressure with robot, high pressure water manually, high pressure water with robot.

    Industrial paint has many functions, from protection against atmospheric corrosion to lining in tanks for various uses. The expected life of the paint is a combination of pre-treatment and paint product. Correct combination is essential and KAEFER Energy has extensive experience in applying multiple products and methods. We offer spray painting of industrial paints (low pressure and high pressure), Polyurea, fire paint, tire coating and water-thinnable/water-based paints.

    Metallization is a metal coating that is applied to steel (and other metals) with special equipment. The coating can have several different properties, such as corrosion protection. The most common thermally sprayed metal coatings are aluminum and zinc alloys. Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) is often used as long-term corrosion protection in marine environments. Thermally sprayed zinc (TSZ) also provides corrosion protection, but unlike TSA, this is often overpainted with wet paint in a complete corrosion protection system. TSA and TSZ can be applied with arc or flame equipment which will give different properties.

    Wrapping can be used as corrosion protection and is a finished product that is applied directly to steel or as part of a system that includes paint. Products: Stopaq, Belzona and ICR.

    Passive fire protection (PFP) is an important part of any fire protection strategy. Correctly applied passive fire protection provides structures and equipment with sufficient fire resistance with regard to load-bearing capacity, integrity and insulation capacity. KAEFER Energy can apply several different types of passive fire protection, in addition we have several products such as ENERGY Firecover, ENERGY Fireshield and more.

    Removing coatings can be time-consuming and choosing the correct method is important. KAEFER Energy has several different methods for different purposes and can help find the correct solution in terms of efficiency and costs. We offer solutions within removal with induction, oop cleaning, UHP for tires, vacuum, robotic removal.

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