In­su­la­tion products

KAEFER En­ergy of­fers in­su­la­tion products for heat, cold, noise, fire, thermal, cladding etc.

Several of our development projects involve the development of new fire-technical solutions and products. New products in this category require extensive testing. In addition to fire and explosion properties, other tests are required to verify thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and anti-corrosion properties in order to meet combined standards.



In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY Cryocover™

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a type of cryogenic liquid that can be flammable and can therefore cause jet fires (gas leak ignition). As part of the safety system on LNG vessels, it is required that


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY Firecover®

Effective fire protection is an essential part of any offshore installation. ENERGY Firecover® is a new and innovative firebox for valve and flange protection that meets all fire and explosion standa


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY Fireshield®

ENERGY Fireshield® is a passive fire protection system consisting of removable fire panels, jet fire tested to NORSOK R-004 and explosion tested to 1.0 barg (simulated).  


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY Fireboard®

ENERGY Fireboard® is a precasted and cured board, type epoxy based passive fire protection. ENERGY Fireboard® is also applied as fire insulation in ENERGY Firecover® and ENERGY Fireshield®, wherev


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY Boltcover®

ENERGY Boltcover® is a slim firebox specifically designed to protect flanges and valves where no fire protection is required on pipes.


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY Drainplug®

The Drainplug® is used in the ENERGY Firecover® (fire box), ENERGY Fireshield® (fire panel), fire protection systems, valves and flanges. The ENERGY Drainplug® is designed and tested to react when


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY Coverseal™

Traditional end caps are not always completely waterproof, which can lead to corrosion under insulation over time. ENERGY Coverseal ™ is a flexible end cap used on insulation to prevent water ingres


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY Flangebelt™

ENERGY Flangebelt™ is a flange belt that collects and conducts gas when a leak occurs between the flange and the detection unit (sniffer tube). When a leak develops between the flanges, it is immedi


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY PipeProtection™

Damaged cladding/sheating in facilities may occur when installation and other work is to be carried out in areas with access challenges. Sometimes the only option for the worker is to step on the insu


In­su­la­tion products

ENERGY SonicBarrier®

Machinery and equipment can be quite noisy when in operation. Certain areas are exposed to a high noise risk, which means that personnel can only spend a limited amount of time in the noise-exposed ar

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