Automated and efficient technology

KAEFER Energy offers robotic services in relation to ISS disciplines with the aim of influencing and changing traditional methods to more automated and efficient technology. The integration of robotic technology into ISO deliveries has a significant positive impact on various operational aspects in terms of safety, efficiency, improvements and costs. The use of robotic services also helps to reduce the risk of manual labour in dangerous or challenging environments. The integration of robotics also has a long-term sustainability perspective and reduced environmental impact in the form of less waste, optimised energy consumption and better resource utilisation.


Safe, sustainable and efficient operations

KAEFER Energy provides robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance, particularly for the surface protection discipline. We have carried out successful robotic projects within ultra high pressure (UHT) water jetting and sandblasting, mainly in the pre-treatment and preparation of large volumes of surfaces on tanks, pipes and deck to be painted. We see the value of using a robot in the pre-treatment phase, including ensuring more consistent quality and optimal execution of the work. We also have experience of using robots equipped with advanced sensors and cameras to thoroughly inspect surfaces and detect damage or defects. This helps to identify potential problems at an early stage and reduces the risk of unexpected errors.

In the areas where KAEFER Energy operates on a daily basis, we still see limitations in the use of robots, but KAEFER Energy is working purposefully to ensure that our services beyond surface protection are increasingly carried out with the help of robots. The scope will gradually expand to include insulation, scaffolding, inspection and other services.

    Solid experience with the robotic solution used for both pre-treatment and inspection. The technology has a unique ability to navigate in demanding and difficult to access areas. Carries out sandblasting, low and high pressure water jetting.

    Robotic surface protection within water jetting and sand blasting mainly on external pipes. For all internal pipe cleaning needs, we offer various robotic solutions in dialogue with our projects and customers.

    Robots specifically designed for UHT and sandblasting in small and large tanks. We offer a specially designed sandblasting robot, mounted on a modular track system, which is controlled by an operator outside the tank where the actual sandblasting takes place. Equipped with camera and sensor for safe and accurate operation.

    Robotic solution for efficient and safe demolition using hammering or UHT water jetting.

    Particularly suitable for tank maintenance where the actual application of the paint is carried out by a robot.

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