Floor system designed for harsh environment


Ships and offshore installations exposed for harsh environment and constant movements like wind and waves will flex beyond the tolerances of some of the installed materials. The movements cause fractures and cracks in some flooring materials. Concrete based deck screeds used in wet rooms like galleys, cold storages and bathrooms represent a high potential for expensive maintenance.

Cracks caused by movement develop further when exposed to water ingression. Water penetrates the screed, reach the underlaying steel which starts corroding. Corrosion products will further deteriorate the screed and the moisture contributes to bacteria growth on locations with stringent hygiene requirements.

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ENERGY Dexcoat™

Zero product claims after 30 years in market. The floor solution is fully developed, tested and certified.

    Has a flexibility that matches steel flexibility and eliminate the risk of cracking

    Can be designed with reduced density to save weight

    Can be installed up to a thickness of 90 mm in one coat

    Suitable as foundation for any kind of surface finish

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