Let’s talk sustainability

Sustainable development means making responsible business decisions that create value while protecting the environment and contributing to the good of society.

Our responsibility!

KAEFER as a group provides clear guidelines in sustainability. In addition, KAEFER Energy sets its own priorities and campaigns in relation to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) with a focus on Human Rights and CO2emissions.

Sustainability in our industry

KAEFER Energy is a driving force for sustainable development in our industry. Our services and products have a direct impact on efficiency, productivity, and availability. KAEFER Energy’s daily sustainability measures and solutions lead to an extended lifetime of our customers’ facilities and equipment, as well as reducing lifecycle costs. With our solutions and deliveries, we help our customers reduce their environmental footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.

Our sustainability measures

Insulation system solutions for optimum energy savings, increased delivery efficiency through the use of robots and new technology to detect corrosion under insulation are just some of the sustainability measures and solutions KAEFER Energy implements on a daily basis. Our strengths are LEAN methodology and digital solutions, which allow us to further strengthen our deliveries and add more customer value (HSE, quality, cost, plan).


Ethics and compliance

At KAEFER Energy we are committed to carrying out all our activities in accordance with applicable legislation and internal guidelines. Each year the KAEFER Group publishes a Sustainability Report, which describes KAEFER’s contribution to sustainability.

KAEFER Code of Business Conduct

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KAEFER Human Rights Policy

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KAEFER Sustainability ESG Policy

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KAEFER Supplier Code of Conduct

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Sustainability report

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