In­ter­iour out­fit­ting products

KAEFER Energy has long experience in work within interior and architectural outfitting and has a high level of expertise in functionality and area utilization in living quarters, both offshore and vessel.

Several of our interior outfitting products are developed and based on the need of improved working environment and living conditions.


In­ter­iour out­fit­ting products

ENERGY Turnbed®

ENERGY Turnbed® is a turnable bed developed by KAEFER Energy. The bed is suitable for workplaces with limited space or places with shift work. Typical areas can be offshore installations, rigs, ships


In­ter­iour out­fit­ting products

ENERGY Dexcoat™

Ships and offshore installations exposed for harsh environment and constant movements like wind and waves will flex beyond the tolerances of some of the installed materials. The movements cause fractu

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