Aibel awards KAEFER Energy two important contracts

Aibel has awarded KAEFER Energy two contracts, with startup in 2023. It concerns the architectural and insulation disciplines on Equinor’s modification project Oseberg GCU and insulation on the Penguin FPSO, which will arrive at Aibel’s workshop in Haugesund for final preparation before installation offshore. The scope of work has not been clarified as of today. It arrives in Haugesund in February and will remain there for a few months.

The Oseberg GCU project will, for KAEFER Energy’s part, start closer to the summer and last until the spring of 2024. It will employ around 40 people and in addition to the work itself, KAEFER Energy will be responsible for job setting, purchasing and delivery of material within own disciplines.

KAEFER Energy greatly appreciates the trust Aibel shows by awarding both contracts to us at a time of resource scarcity within the oil and gas industry in general and within the insulation discipline in particular. In recent years, KAEFER Energy has shown the industry that it is possible to handle large projects even in times of resource scarcity and will also ensure in the new contracts that Aibel’s projects are supplied with the necessary personnel resources.


Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland/Equinor