New facilities

KAEFER Energy has thus gathered all our facilities in one area by taking over the neighboring building to our head office and prefabrication workshop at Forus (Geitaberget 15/17). The premises have been extensively upgraded and house both a workshop, new technology, machines and training facilities. This provides room for even broader training services, in addition to providing room for testing and trialling technological innovations.

Training facilities for our own employees, as well as customers and partners, is something we place a lot of emphasis on, and with this we shall, among other things, achieve a reduced risk and increase the safety of personnel when working at height.

By gathering company activities at one location, we will achieve synergies across the prefabrication workshops, get increased coordination and efficiency like our material deliveries, and at the same time reduced environmental impact.

(The picture shows the head office and the new facilities. The scaffolding warehouse of approx. 10,000 m2 is to the left of the new facilities, but is not included in the picture).