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    KAEFER Energy has broad experience in insulation of oil and gas installations, onshore, offshore, and on LNG plants. KAEFER Energy has been in the market for many years, and has solid expertise and experience related to complex and comprehensive challenges.

    KAEFER Energy offers insulation and services within:

    • Heat insulation
    • Cold insulation and refrigeration
    • Noise insulation
    • Fire-proofing
    • HVAC insulation
    • Cladding of pipework and ducting
    • GRP
    • Measurement and delivery of thermal jackets
    • Prefabrication of encapsulation and special solutions
    • Insulation and furnishing of containers

    KAEFER Energy has a workshop for prefabrication of materials. Read more here.
    Cooperation with specialists
    In many cases there are requirements for heat-, cold- and noise insulation on an single object. We can offer complete solutions satisfying all these requirements. The development department in KAEFER Energy is involved solving technical challenges related to our projects. We also get support from KAEFER group and a wide range of specialists in over 40 countries that can be involved developing various customized solutions.

    Local market
    KAEFER Energy offers insulation of technical systems to businesses in Stavanger, also to those which are not related the oil- and gas industry. We carry out projects for local HVAC-, construction- and process industry, offshore. We solve challenges within insulation on: vessels, dairies, technical rooms in industrial buildings etc.

    KAEFER Energy is certified according to:

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • OHSAS 18001