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    KAEFER Energy has established a thin film facility (PTFE) in Verdal, located next to our existing facility for surface protection. Here everything from parts, piping and equipment be protected by thin film coating, which has a long life and is resistant to chemicals and high/low temperatures.

    Within the offshore industry, PTFE coating is often referred to as Xylan or molybdenum coating. Xylan is a type of PTFE. PTFE is also known as Teflon. The material has a long life as well as qualities such as low friction and resistance to corrosion, acids and bases, alcohols, ketones, petrol and oils. Applying a thin coat is a comprehensive process. Often the objects are pretreated chemically, before dipped into zinc phosphate. After a drying process, the PTFE coating is applied and cured in oven at 230 °C. A PTFE coat can withstand temperatures ranging from plus 260 °C to -200°C.

    Advantages of PTFE coating

    • Flexible coating
    • Can be applied to all types of metal surfaces
    • Temperature tolerant (from - 200°C to +260°C)
    • Low friction which "lubricates" the surfaces
    • Good corrosive protection
    • Inert coating - high resistance to most chemicals
    • Anti-fouling qualities under water
    • Coating thickness down to 20 micron, including phosphate layer
    • Extremely good adhesion properties

    Area of application

    Most common area of application for PTFE is as friction coating, corrosion protection and/or anti-fouling coating of subsea components. Inside tanks and pipes, as lubricant/friction coating were metal surfaces are in contact with each other, flanges and bolts. Also in High-Tec industry, motors and generators etc.

    Facility with high capacity
    The facility is located in a new workshop in Verdal next to KAEFER Energy's existing surface protection hall. Consequently KAEFER Energy is able to offer a complete range of surface protection with all type of coating. The facility can handle individual objects of sizes up to 8x2,5x2,5 meters and weight up to 8 tones. The hardening furnace can operate in temperatures up to 250 °C. The facility also contains a varnishing box, washing chamber, zinc phosphate vat, a dedicated room for chemical cleaning, pickling and area for blast cleaning.

    Health and environmental benefits
    All liquids used at the facility are collected in a tank, cleaned in an evaporator and reused in the process. The facility will not release any emissions to the environment and will re-circulate the waste products. Eighty percent of the total energy requirements for the production process will come from district heating plants.

    The facility is designed and equipped with a view to minimal manual handling, which allows for a simpler and more ergonomic handling of objects and thus being less strenuous for individual operators.

    KAEFER Energy is certified according to:

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • OHSAS 18001

    Surface protection

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