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    KAEFER Energy applies significant resources to research and development within our specialist fields, often in collaboration with customers and suppliers. Communication with our operatives in the field is another key means of flagging ideas and suggestions based on real life experience, and provides motivation for innovative thinking and development of green products with elevated HSE potential.

    Much of our development projects involve development of new insulation technologies, solutions and products. An element in this work is the continuing high investment in testing of new products. Explosion and jet fire tests are a major component here, in addition to acoustic and thermal performance.

    Development and refinement of methods and means is another key focus area in the company. Noise, heat and vibration are among the greatest contributors to damage, injury, ill-health and accidents in the process industry and our special disciplines are among the professions most at risk.

    KAEFER Energy has performed a number of studies focusing on the stresses and strains of our operatives, as a result of which noise, vibration and heat issues have high priority in the company.

    KAEFER Energy also utilizes market-leading software to analyze and visualize problem areas. Evaluation of energy loss and visualization of alternative insulation solutions are other important customer services we are keen to offer. To the community as a whole, it makes sense to reduce energy consumption and the great majority of enterprises can radically reduce energy demand for relatively small investment.


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