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    KAEFER Energy’s manufacturing workshop for the prefabrication of materials is located in Stavanger. The workshop consists of state of the art equipment which we manufacture cladding to internal and external customers throughout Norway.

    KAEFER Energy’s long and broad experience enables us to produce everything from large series to the most advanced parts, fit pieces, soundproofing, corrugated sheets etc. Experience shows that prefabrication at our workshop gives substantial savings in cost of production.

    Normal manning at the prefabrication workshop is about 40 operators per shift. The prefabrication workshop supplies all our projects with materials and the high capacity contributes to short delivery time for a competitive price. The prefabrication workshop and associated warehouse have total area of 2000 m².

    KAEFER Energy’s prefabrication workshop is equipped with CNC machines which contributes to high efficiency and quality.

    The prefabrication workshop can offer:

    • Prefabricated cladding for pipes, valves and flanges in all types of metals
    • Production of sound absorbers (Noise reduction products)
    • Production of fire boxes
    • Production of corrugated sheets for wind protection and tanks
    • Outfitting of containers
    • Production of insulation jackets/habitats
    • Production of noise reducing wall elements
    • Storage of insulation and interior products
    • Production of tags

    KAEFER Energy is one of a few European specialized GRP suppliers
    The GRP production facility for prefabrication, curing and optional surface protection is placed at Bryne, close to Stavanger (Norway). The location is convenient for quick delivery of prefabricated materials and offers flexibility and services according to clients requirement. Production related to interior outfitting projects is also taking place here.