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    KAEFER Energy is a multidisciplinary company capable to execute projects from concept through design, procurement, to final installation and completion (EPCIC). We can assist with professional assistance which comprises all our areas of competence. The scope of work includes all parts of interior outfitting: flooring, walls, ceiling systems and furniture - standard as well as customized.

    Offshore and marine accommodation areas require optimal functionality and propriety. The interior outfitting must be designed to fulfill both working environment and recreational requirements. Our skilled workers are specialized in interior outfitting and ensure first-class installation approach. Our subcontractors participate closely in the development of design, solutions and products.

    Typical interior outfitting projects:

    • Cabin upgrade/division
    • Galley/Mess areas
    • Office and collaboration facilities
    • Bathroom renewals
    • Recreational areas/coffee bars
    • Wardrobe/laundry
    • Reception areas
    • Container outfitting
    • Noise reduction

    KAEFER Energy is certified according to:

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • OHSAS 18001