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    31-08-2018Customer day[KAEFER ENERGY]
     At the end of August in relation with the ONS exhibition, KAEFER Energy invited to a customer day at KAEFER Energy premises in Stavanger.

    The purpose of the customer day was to present our exciting and future-oriented initiatives which will create added value for all the involved in the value chain. We wanted to give our customers insight into our development and focus areas, as well as a “meeting place” for the good discussion, networking and to increase insight.

    Improvement through digitization
    Trond Magne Susort gave an introduction of improvement through digitization, and how KAEFER Energy can provide increased value to the clients by DPMS. Vidar Larsen, who works in the prefabrication workshop, explained how KAEFER's commitment to digitalization is experienced in practice. In this respect, KAEFER Energy is using tablets (and web solutions), and Trond Magne and Vidar presented an insight into the challenges and status of the development of the system (DPMS) to the customers’ representatives. Further, they showed how DPMS helps to streamline work processes, and demonstrated that the system contributes to a more seamless execution of work routines.

    Next topic was Tim Nøttveit's presentation of Lean. Tim has previously been a Local Lean Leader in KAEFER Energy, and was last year appointed Project Manager for one of our offshore maintenance projects. He told about KAEFER Energy's improvement of working processes, from which both KAEFER Energy and our customers have achieved good results. The customers also received further details about the background of the Lean journey, associated training programs, target-oriented improvement work and achieved results.

    Corrosion under insulation
    Representatives from the KAEFER Group, "Corporate Innovation & Technical Excellence", with Thomas Rehberg in the lead, had a lecture about the topic corrosion under isolation. Here, "inhouse" capacity was visualized, as well as the technology and method for “tomorrow's” solutions.

    Rope access and additional services
    Leif Tore Fredriksen presented our capacity within rope access and the services KAEFER Energy offers in combination with rope access, such as capabilities within rigging, high-torch tensioning, mechanical and electrical work, inspection, NDT and associated engineering services.

    Products and services
    Birger Susort and Oddgeir Samuelsen made sure that our customers learned more about KAEFER Energy's services, products and production, with a particular focus on our newest “baby”; prefabrication of GRP cladding (Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic).
    KAEFER Energy is one of few European companies prefabricating GRP cladding. They also presented our production workshops with associated capacities, as well as the ENERGY Products® series were communicated in their presentation.

    We ended the day with a guided tour in the prefabrication workshop, were we proudly showed the workshop for prefabrication of metal cladding, organized according to Lean principles, and stated that KAEFER Energy has the most modern and efficient prefabrication of steel cladding in Norway. Birger Susort showed important improvements within modern machines (streamlines steel cutting operations, programming of special fitments, improved material optimization programs etc.). He also emphasized the workshop's capacities and flexibility, focusing on good and professional hand craft, with efficient work processes and the ability to always deliver on time.

    Feedback from our customers is that they are impressed of the expertise and dedication of our employee’s improvement work, as well as the offensive investment in innovation. It was stated by one client that “KAEFER Energy is a versatile supplier with a bright future”.