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    14-12-2018100 new employees became 250[KAEFER ENERGY]
     Christmas is approaching, also end of a great year for KAEFER Energy. The company planned to celebrate the Groups’ 100 years with 100 new employees. The number has long been passed, and now KAEFER Energy is celebrating the Christmas holidays with 250 new colleagues and new contract.

    - In January, we decided to recruit 100 new colleagues in 2018, this summer the ambitions increased to 150, and in these pre-Christmas times, I am pleased to confirm that 250 employees have become a part of the KAEFER family, says CEO Bård Bjørshol.

    KAEFER estimates that the turnover will increase with 20% this year, and Bjørshol emphasizes that strong activity growth over the last two years has contributed to the increased staff.

    The jump from 100 to 250 is a result of smarter operation in combination with growth. Together with our customers, we have taken steps to achieve a smoother work pattern throughout the twelve months of the year, which has given results. The activity is now less affected by seasons, and therefore stays on a much more even level. This means that we avoid the “down periods” in the activity during the winter months. This is definite an improvement.

    The work of improvement results in prizes and increased liability within existing contracts
    Since 2013, KAEFER Energy has focused on improvement and efficiency, and was awarded the KAEFER Group’s prestigious award this autumn; “Best Performer”. Earlier this year, KAEFER Energy was awarded the prize from the Norwegian Lean environment for its improvement journey related to the comprehensive Lean program and the results achieved.

    -Our employees have the honored for receiving such honor and respect. They work hard and perform impressed work that ensures that our customers achieve added value and a long-term relationship. The latest confirmation of this is that Equinor recently awarded KAEFER Energy a KUI project on the Statfjord B platform in 2019, a platform we are not present at today. In February, we will have the maintenance responsibility for another platform in Aker Bp’s portfolio. Fantastic news to receive in these Christmas times, and a sign that our growth and development will continue into the new year, says Bjørshol.

    2019 – Year of innovation
    2019 is just around the corner, and Bjørshol says that KAEFER Energy will now invest in innovation.

    - Our goals for the new year are clearly. We will create added value for our clients, focus on safety, give our employees the opportunity to grow – and we will invest heavily in innovation.

    - What is the strategy?
    With continuous focus on improvements, where the employees, Lean work and our Digital Project Management System (DPMS) are the foundation, we have released time and capacity to develop new, innovative solutions. “License to operate” is the very foundation for safe and viable business. Therefor we constantly focus on develop new methods and tools that focus on optimizing workday for our employees, reducing injuries and unwanted events. With efficient work processes, continuation of Lean work and the DPMS, we can ensure the financial resources needed to invest further in our employees. That’s the plan.

    -I am very pleased with the well-deserved success we have had this year. We have achieved great recognition, we work smarter and we are perceived differently. Everyone in the KAEFER family has worked together, and I look forward to meeting the new year with so many good colleagues around me, concludes Bjørshol.